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detected threats

Data Loss Prevention

Key Facts, data, bank accounts, credit cards, projects ...

Offense level by users


No matter the location or the number of computers in the company, Inspector allows you to find any file without problems.

Perform a search on any company computer in one place. The search can find information on office documents, names of files, directories, calendar appointments and even emails.

We can locate a employee who holds talk with the competitors.


Drainware protects the most vulnerable applications like iexplorer, java, flash, acrobat to prevent infections.

  1. Protection Code is injected to the application.
  2. Malicious PDF File
  3. Drainware Sandbox avoids the infection

We have a system in real time, updated with fresh signatures of memory behavior that protect your business from targeted attacks.

We monitor the system steadily.

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Unaware employee who doesn't know he is working with sensitive information

DLP + Inspector

Malicious employee who is stealing valuable information


External attacker which gain external access to exfiltrate sensitive information.